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Diploma & Higher Diploma
(United Kingdom)

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Diploma in IT Skills Development (UK)
(6 months + 3 months Program)

Higher Diploma (HD) in Computing and Systems Development (UK)
18 months Program

Degree in UK
( 9 months )

Learning Method – For Diploma
70% practical and 30% theory (Skill Intensive)

Sijil & Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia
Untuk Lepasan Sekolah Dan Golongan Pekerja
Program Yang Ditawarkan

1. Operasi Sistem Computer (Tahap 3 SKM)
2. Pentadbiran Sistem Komputer (Tahap 4 DKM)

(100% Pinjaman Penuh Dengan Elaun Sara Hidup.)

Professional Certificate Courses (U.S.A)

CompTIA A+

CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Security+


Personal Touch
Smaller specialized classroom, fewer students per classroom, better attention and concentration. Each student is equipped with his/her own set of tools, equipment and PC.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders - For Internship
We collaborate with many local and international IT companies and banks. To name a few IT companies – HP, Lenovo, IBM, Konica Minolta and banks such as RHB Bank (local) and Standard Chartered,